1. Never Leave

From the recording Kassie Tyers

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Story Behind the Song:
So many of my friends, me included, come from broken homes. This is their story and mine morphed into one. The hope is that God helps us forgive and He is the perfect Daddy and helps us love our family even in our brokenness.


Never Leave
Music and Lyrics: Kassie Tyers

One day a few years ago
Her daddy left her hanging there
Didn’t say a word that he’d be going
She thought they were doing great
Her mom and dad seemed happy that
She graduated from middle school

But now she hates him for leaving
She can’t help but regret

Ever loving a man who could never stay
A man, a man she could never rely on
A man, a man she could never trust
Now it’s hard to let anybody else in

She remembers times they had together
She remembers times they laughed and played
And, she remembers secrets she left with him
She trusted him with everything

Now she’s found someone who will never leave
A heavenly Father with love everlasting
Who’s word is true, she can trust Him forever
He taught her to forgive

Things have changed
Now that she’s found
Someone who will never leave.