1. Unnoticed

From the recording Kassie Tyers

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Story Behind the Song:
I was in British Columbia, Canada and met a 10-year-old girl named Hannah during my first week on the road with Beautiful Unique Girl. She was one of the youngest of 12 or 13 other girls and felt so unnoticed. Something inside me could relate to her, as I was left out many times as a kid. The day I came home from that tour, I wrote this song for her.


Music: Kassie Tyers
Lyrics: Kassie Tyers and Malynda Zacharias

All I wanted was someone to hold my hand
When I felt abandoned
When I felt scared
I just wanted attention
Just wanted love
No more empty feelings
I don't want to feel this way

I wish I could be held for awhile
I wish I could get lost in a smile
I wish I could just feel safe in love's embrace

The little girl screamed out from inside of me
I was so lost and scared
Insecure, nobody seemed to care
I went unnoticed as if I wasn't there
It was so hard to trust
Since you left me there

Oh can't you see, oh can't you see?
This love's finding me
This love's comforting
Oh can't you see, well, oh can't you see?
This love's finding me
This love's quieting

I'll hold out my hand
I will trust again
I'll hold out my hand
I can trust again.