From the recording Kassie Tyers

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Story Behind the Song:
There are two stories that inspired this song. A girl once told me “Kassie, I want to be famous so I can make a difference in this world.” So I told her, “Girl, you don’t have to be famous to make a difference. Reach out to the people around you, simply love them, smile, give and put them first. That will be make a difference.” It’s a “pay it forward” kind of deal. When we do something nice to someone else, they are most likely to do something nice to someone in return. So a random act of kindness can actually reach out to thousands of people!

The second inspiration to this story was a woman I know who lost two husbands to cancer, a son to a concussion and a grandson in his sleep. You would think that she would be a bitter, grouchy old woman. Actually, she is one of the most joyful people I know! This woman has touched thousands of people with her love, smile and care. She runs a laundromat and reaches out to people every day. She feels that her life purpose is to spread the love and joy of Jesus Christ to everyone she meets. She is such an inspiration to me!


Gotta Have Love
Music and Lyrics: Kassie Tyers

Everywhere you go
Try to make people feel at home
So you give a smile
To everyone around
Regardless of how you feel
You just want hearts to heal

Don't need to be someone
To change the world around
To shake it upside down
You don't have to be known
Or sit on a throne
To make a difference
You just gotta have love

You take every chance
To make someone's day
Better than it was
Better than yesterday
Regardless of how you feel
You just want hearts to heal

We don't have to be noticed
Let’s put other’s needs before our own.