1. Unlovable

From the recording Kassie Tyers

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Story Behind the Song:
I know this beautiful young girl Sarah, who believes she is not beautiful at all. It breaks my heart! Her mom tells her horrific things like she is ugly, worthless and should have never been born. These lies made her believe she was unlovable. I wrote this song for her.


Music: Kassie Tyers
Lyrics: Kassie Tyers and Malynda Zacharias

She said that you were worthless
To her you were a mistake
She wished you were never born
To her you were ugly
Her angry eyes look down
On a little girl
Small and scared in a lonely world
Oh will it ever change?

Unlovable, you think you are
The words you hear
Find a place in your heart
What will it take for your heart to unbreak?
When you're feeling so
So unlovable

They say you will make it
But it’s so hard to believe
‘Cause everything in you
Is contradicting
Alone in the darkness
Hear the voice of truth
Calling out
Calling out to you
It won't always be this way

It won't always be this way
When you feel so
So unlovable

Unlovable you think are
If you open up
Love can speak to your heart
And it will take
That love to unbreak
When you’re feeling so
So unlovable.