From the recording Kassie Tyers

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Story Behind the Song:
A good friend of mine has struggled with an eating disorder for many years. I wrote this song for her.


Flower in the Sunshine
Music: Kassie Tyers
Lyrics: Kassie Tyers and Malynda Zacharias

Days go by, and you’re so heavy-hearted
I can see it in your eyes
You wanna stop before you've even started
It's gonna take some time

I’d do anything to see you smile
I’d do anything to see you laugh for awhile
You'll find love, you'll find life
Like a flower in the sunshine

Your sky is grey, don't know where you're going
Things won't always be this way
‘Cause life can change
Just around the corner
You gotta take it day by day

Like a bird that flies
One day you'll fly, too
When you spread your wings
The wind will catch you
So you can fly on
Until your skies are blue.