From the recording Kassie Tyers

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Story Behind the Song:
I have been affected by harsh and unkind words, just like everyone else. I wrote this song using the well-known “sticks and stones” phrase that I think is wrong because words hurt more than bruises and cuts; their sting can last a lifetime. Thank goodness that truth can protect us from those nasty messages.


Sticks and Stones
Music: Kassie Tyers
Lyrics: Kassie Tyers and Malynda Zacharias

"Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt"
That's what she said before she cried
But as she closed her eyes in the darkness of the night
She couldn't help but realize her agony

Why do they say the things they do?
They hurt so much inside even though they're untrue

I know that I'm not alone
I know that You're here, always beside me
You say I can make it through
If I hold on to You
So I'll hold on to You

Some things are better left unsaid
There are things she needs to hear instead
Emotions taking over her like the wind on a willow tree

I'm holding on, I'm hanging on
I know I've found where I belong
I belong to You
I'm holding on, I'm hanging on
I know I've found where I belong

Sticks and stones may break her bones
But words they hurt much worse
She got caught off guard
When she heard that someone cared.