1. Growing Up

From the recording Kassie Tyers

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Story Behind the Song:
My little cousin Matthew was extremely independent when he was young. I would watch him try to tie his shoes all by himself. He would make knots in them but he didn’t want help. He wouldn’t let anyone push him on the swing but then would fall and come crying to his mom. I remember thinking, “I am kind of like that with God.” I want to do things on my own but then when I mess up or find myself in a hard place, I come running back to Him. My hope is that I will always have a deep intimate friendship with God, no matter where I am in my life.


Growing Up
Music and Lyrics: Kassie Tyers

Give me wings; I just want to fly
But hold my hand when I want to cry
Put a bandage on when I scrape my knee
But don't push my swing; I want to be free

I want to grow up now
I want to feel the breeze

I'm gonna try it my way
And I will fall down, and make some mistakes
But You will always know what’s best
I need Your help because I'm not quite grown up yet

You let me go; now I can really fly
You still hold my hand when I want to cry
You put my bandage on when I scrape my knee
I let You push my swing ‘cause I'm already free

Even when I am grown up
Let’s walk hand in hand, forever
I will always rely on You.