1. Bare Feet

From the recording Blue Socks

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Story Behind the Song:
This song is quite playful. The romance between the lines can easily be missed. I love walking around in bare feet so this song starts with God and I walking through mud and grass. Then we move to a nighttime walk on a sandy beach with the wind kissing my face and God making the stars shine like fireflies. He takes my hand and looks into my eyes. I truly feel free when “You’re with me”.


Bare Feet
Music and Lyrics by Kassie Tyers

One step, two steps, no more shoes
Feel the blades of grass beneath my feet
Three steps, four steps, in the mud
I've never had this much fun
I'll take Your hand, let's be kids again

I feel free when You're with me
I feel free when I'm in bare feet

My favourite time of day is late
When the moon is shining the wind is kissing my face
I walk along the sandy beach, stars like fireflies I almost can reach
You make them shine for me

You take my hand, You won't let go
I gaze in Your eyes, You look into mine.