1. Dear Heaven

From the recording Blue Socks

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Story Behind the Song:
I’ve talked with so many people about their doubts regarding a Creator, a God who absolutely loves His kids. After many conversations, and even my own struggles, I sat down and wrote this song. It’s about some of those doubts and struggles, questions and hurt. It’s also about what happens when we reach that wonderful resolve of hope because even though we’ve had our doubts, God truly loves us. Using imagery and delicate musicality, this song captures the essence of hope in struggle.


Dear Heaven
Music and Lyrics by Kassie Tyers

Dear Heaven, when I’m quiet enough
I think I hear You whispering in the wind at night
I wish I knew the kind of things You’d say
I know that they would sound better than the voices in my head
Dear Heaven, am I good enough?
All of these things all these things I’ve done
If could just taste a piece of Your love maybe the torment would stop
I’d know in me You’re proud of

But oh just like the change of seasons
When winter turns to spring
The snow melts into beautiful flowers
Hope in the form of a big old sun

Dear Heaven, if You really exist
I feel like hearing from You, seems like a hit and miss
My trust seems like a faraway kiss
A kiss lost in the wind
Dear Heaven, is grace a fairytale book?
Sometimes I feel it’s all fictional
Oh I feel farther than I’ve ever been
Farther than when I first began

I don’t have to strive to hear You speak, You love me
Even though I’ve had my doubts, You love me

Dear Heaven now I’m not afraid
Now that You’ve taught me how to pray
You’ve made my heart light and You gave me a sign
You’ve warmed me with your delight

Dear Heaven, I know You’re coming soon
But in the meantime tonight would You sing me a tune?
I’ve never felt more alive then when I’m with You.