1. Packing my Bag

From the recording Blue Socks

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Story Behind the Song:
I wrote this song around the time of "Never Leave Me Here Alone". I had a really good talk with my Nana during a difficult time in my life and she said to take my bag of hurt and guilt and throw it overboard. As I thought about what she said, this song began to flow out of me. It was the opposite of the whole message in the bottle concept. Writing things down, not so they could be found again but to let them go. I wanted to put a weight at the bottom of the bottle and cast it overboard. I really love the chorus of this song, “Sometimes what hurts the most, is leaving things that I know, walking strenuous grounds to paths unknown. Might be the only way I’ll grow, so I’ll stick to the promises that I know. He’ll never let me go.” Often the most difficult circumstances are the best places for growth in our lives. I have definitely experienced that for myself. In all of my unknowns, I am being reminded to hold onto the things that I do know – that God won’t let me down, even though I’ve let others down, and others have let me down. Those are the things that truly give me strength.


Packing My Bag
Music and Lyrics by Kassie Tyers

Packing my bag with these troubles
Put a weight at the bottom of this bottle
Hitch the boat to the back of the truck
Let's head for the ocean
My memories have kept me awake
So consumed with my heart ache
These thoughts I've wrestled with
It's time to cast them overboard

Letting go of these things, need to leave you behind
To cure what's going on in my troubled mind

Sometimes what hurts the most is leaving things that I know
Walking strenuous grounds to paths unknown
Might be the only way I'll grow
So I'll stick to the promises that I know
He'll never let me go
He’ll never let me go

Packing my bag with these troubles
I wanna let go before I crumble
This weight I’m carrying is much too heavy
On my own I cannot make it
Now I’ll throw this in the ocean
It’s time to leave this at the bottom

Ooo ooo oooo......