1. Lead Me Back

From the recording Hope Sing Ride


Lead Me Back – Kassie Tyers

You… lead me back to you

I have faced hard times
I have felt beaten down
I have been all alone but nothing was ever wasted
Nothing was ever wasted

All of my joy and pain
Has brought me here, has brought me here
I wouldn’t change a thing
Cause You led me here, You led me here

I know You don’t waste a thing
Cause You brought me here, You brought me here
Even if I go off track
You lead me back You lead me back to You

My mistakes have caused us pain
You forgave me anyway
My identity is changing now I know your truth
Now I know your truth

You gave me hope in my darkest days
You take my ashes, You take my flaws
You make them into something beauti(ful)
Make them into something beautiful, beautiful