When Life Becomes a Juggling Act

Have you ever noticed your mind spinning around and around all of things you have to do? That has been happening for me a lot lately because things have been way too busy! Juggling my job as a school bus driver and my other very part-time job as a respite worker (working one-on-one with two clients), working on launching a new website, getting ready to promote a song to radio stations in the US and Canada and wedding planning!  Not to mention the added responsibilities necessary to staying alive - like cooking, cleaning, laundry and so on.  

I’ve noticed lately that I have been rushing a lot more to get things done. So, I am trying something I used to do a long time ago. Walk. Relax. Give myself extra time to get things done. Breathe. Yes, just sit for a few moments and breathe. I know I can't change how many things I need to do, but I can take moments of rest and moments of peace and look at the big picture. Also, it is okay to say "No" to additional things so my pile doesn’t get even bigger!